We are a diverse collection of singers from across the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area. 

We have a variety of musical backgrounds: from those who have grown up in music, those who work in music, those who volunteer their time and talents in other choirs, and those that were inspired by the previous show that have come join their voice to ours.

We are from a variety of faith traditions and belief systems and all unified under the belief that the power of music can have to unite and inspire people.

We are young, we are not-so-young, and we are burning up to sing for you! We are proud to be your Too Hot To Handel Choir in Chicago.

Get to know the show!

You can learn about the show here.

In February 2002, Detroit’s Rackham Choir first premiered their rendition of Too Hot to Handel at the Little Rock Baptist Church. It quickly became a Detroit holiday tradition.

In January 2006, Rackham Choir traveled to Chicago combine voices with ours at the Auditorium Theatre. It premiered to critical acclaim and delight to everyone that enjoyed it for the very first time!

We have performed fourteen seasons of Too Hot to Handel so far:

  • 2006 (January 14, January 15)
  • 2007 (January 13, January 14)
  • 2008 (January 19, January 20)
  • 2008 (December 12, December 14)
  • 2010 (January 16, January 17)
  • 2011 (January 15, January 16)
  • 2012 (January 14, January 15)
  • 2013 (January 19, January 20)
  • 2014 (January 18, January 19)
  • 2015 (January 17, January 18)
  • 2016 (January 16, January 17)
  • 2017 (January 14, January 15)
  • 2018 (January 13, January 14)
  • 2019 (January 18, January 19)

In April 2018, some of us, along with our friends from Detroit, traveled out to Memphis to join their first production of Too Hot to Handel. It was hot!