2015-01-06: Update on Promos Next Week


In case you were wondering about the details here, the marketing and PR teams are still working to finalize those. They are well aware that they need to confirm in order for many us to confirm taking the time to participate if possible. We will let you know as soon as we get a confirmation or a cancellation.

Thanks for your patience and stay warm!

2 responses
If it hasn't happened by now, it probably won't. I cleared my week, but I can't hold days forever. How about a "yes" or "no"?
Unfortunately, we're not responsible for setting up the promos. It is a group separate from the Auditorium Theater. We have not been given a firm "yes" or "no" as well, but if we are given one, we will share that right away. Everyone is free to make a decision that best suits their situation.