Rehearsal Tonight

Here are some of the key details that we can share for tonight's rehearsal. (We will never share all details here for everyone's safety and security, since this is a publicly accessible website).

Arrival Time: 5:50 pm

There is a locker room available for you to lock valuables with your own lock, but it will be easier if minimized the amount of valuables that you bring to the Auditorium if possible. We'll be escorted to the rehearsal room which should be in the same location as last year (I suspect the top most floor).

After a quick warm up, we'll then make our way to the stage in our assigned seats and start our work with the orchestra. We will likely take a short break in between acts, but please be prepared to stay focused during rehearsal since time is limited.

Don't forget if you have any questions, you can email them here: and put the text [Question] in the subject area, and we'll try to answer all questions ASAP.

Performance Week!

It's been a cold winter, but we're about to bring the HOT back to our great city!

There's a lot of information and details to keep track of, and we'll update the calendar and post information that is safe to share publicly.

However, there are some details that can only be shared privately. For these, if you have any questions, you can just email the website at Use this text in your subject [Question], and you will get a response within a couple of hours.

Also, we'll be taking pictures throughout the week that we'll make sure to share on Facebook and Google. Please let us know as we're taking pictures if you don't want your picture publicly shared.

We're looking forward to a great week ahead!  

No Rehearsal Tonight!

In case you didn't remember or hear, there is no rehearsal on Monday, November 25th.

Stay hot out there, despite this freezing weather!

That being said, have a great and safe Thanksgiving! We'll see you again on Monday, December 2nd. There is supposed to be a special guest, so you won't want to skip that rehearsal!

Auditions Complete!

Here's a message from Althea:

"Auditions were held... If you were unable to attend we look forward to you enjoying the performance as an audience member on January 18th and 19th, 2014. Hopefully you can join us on the stage of the beautiful Auditorium Theater for our next season. 

Congratulations to our new and returning choir members. Prepare yourselves to grow from warm to hot over the next several months. Allow yourselves to sing from your heart, sway to the beat, feel the rhythm, make new friends, and have a good time!"

Welcome to Our New Home

Welcome back! I hope you enjoy our new website home.

Please let us know what you think of it. 

Auditions will be held on Monday, September 23rd and Monday, September 30th for the 2014 choir and the 9th performance of Too Hot to Handel.

The performances will be on Saturday, January 18th and Sunday, January 19th.

See you all soon!

(Please feel free to email us at